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Embark on Digital by Redefining The Core

As your business demands richer, better experiences, you need a higher level of resiliency and agility to compete effectively. It means reimagining and modernising your core IT infrastructure to ensure you can meet customer demands while managing the risks of an ongoing transformation.

You will need both approaches as you approach your business transformation. The real key is to embrace these changing vectors and make decision points that do not incrementally bring more complexity into what is already a very complex data center environment.
This converged and hybrid infrastructure requires instant mobility of data and application logic to assign the right resource to the right workload at the right time, enabling real-time data services and on-demand business agility.
Accelacloud Services can help addresses business demands by combining Converged Infrastructure, software-defined management and hyperconverged systems. This approach reduces costs, eliminates silos, and frees available compute, storage, and networking resources.

Digital Transformation starts with modernising at the Datacentre.

Enterprises are transforming its current IT infrastructure to become future-ready digital enterprises by modernising its datacentres and adopting cloud. We’ll help you and be proactive together, we’ll make your datacentre a streamlined platform for delivering business value.

Choosing the right platform within a fast changing IT landscape

Accelacloud offers next-generation a complimentary Technology Advisory & Consulting service to help your organisation choose the right infrastructure to begin the digital journey. We help measure whether IT and infrastructure solutions meet business demands, availability, performance and cost. These cost measures includes metrics such as OpEx, CapEx, total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI).

As-a-service consumption on premises.

Risk has two forms. The first is not invested in enough IT infrastructure or enough capability to handle the unexpected to meet the demand of a new market. It means turning away customers or giving them a bad experience. The other type of risk is equally bad, by which to build capacity but ends up never using it. That ties up investment that can be better used elsewhere.

Let Accelacloud Services help tailor your cost model and pay for resources (on and off premises) based on actual usage with no lock-in contract.


Implementation Services

Accelacloud helps companies design, develop and implement datacentres (private), hybrid and multi-cloud strategies. We have the expertise to make each project successful, from migrating on premise applications to building solutions from the ground up.

Why us?


Accelacloud have strong relationships with a number of technology partners that enable us to recommend the right solution that meet our clients’ specific needs


Our consultants have delivered many datacentre transformation initiative with broad insights into innovation to help clients make an informed decisions.


Accelacloud can help clients reasonably reduce cost and complexity of their datacentre infrastructures without comprising service quality and performance.