Cloud DC Background

Cloud the Foundation of Digital Business

GARTNER predicts that by 2025, 80% of enterprises will shut down their traditional datacentres.

Technology landscape continues to evolve, infrastructure and physical assets is increasingly costly and hence puts a huge drag on business cost.  Cloud offers a way to offload physical infrastructure and increase agility while controlling costs.

Cloud providers typically invest in the latest technologies, allowing businesses to access cutting-edge tools and capabilities that would be prohibitively expensive to implement on their own. Migrating to cloud increases agility, cost savings, improving the speed of provisioning with new governance controls and self-service portals. To fully realize these benefits, businesses must carefully evaluate the costs and benefits of cloud adoption, choose the right cloud service provider and deployment model and establish effective cloud governance and management practices. IT leaders do need to start thinking about where current and future workloads will live based on business needs.

The cloud is evolving rapidly. Speak to us to find the best Cloud solutions for your business.

Our Cloud Transformation Framework

Start with a Business Case outlining ways of contracting cloud services, cost models and system selection as candidate for Cloud Adoption. 

Consider adoption scenarios: SaaS, for non business-time critical, IaaS & PaaS for business-critical. This stage lays the foundation for hybrid setups.

This phase is when migrations approach is assessed. Consideration options include Rehost, Replatform, Refactor, Repurchase, Retire or Retain.

Service-Level management, establish regulatory and compliance governance and adopt service operations (monitoring, auditing, incident management).

Cloud can bring significant savings by designing optimal architectures, bringing the power of automation and managing the costs are of essential importance.


Cloud Consult

Accelacloud enables companies to accelerate your growth strategy by rationalising, designing and implementing their digital transformation journey. With our proven methodology and deep industry domain expertise, we can empower your business to stay ahead of  the competition.

Cloud Transform

Accelacloud helps you execute your Cloud Transformation strategy by assessing your applications portfolio and migrating it to your preferred choice of cloud options. Cloud Transform accelerates cloud adoption journey with a low-risk approach that addresses your migration challenges.


Cloud Automation enables automation of deployment across a multi-vendor hybrid cloud infrastructure, providing both flexibility and investment protection for current and future delivery of cloud services.

Cloud Security

Understanding your risk and compliance requirements, as well as implications to applications and identities, is critical.  Accelacloud provides the expertise to help you minimise the risks of an attack.

Use Case

Streamlined Operations, Increase Agility with Cloud Transformation

An automotive manufacturer needed to adapt to market changes swiftly. The company struggled with resource-intensive processes. By embracing cloud, they optimised their operations, scaling up or down as needed. This ensured efficient production, reduced costs and faster time-to-market. This enabled them to transform and streamline operations, enabling rapid adjustments in production capacity, inventory management, and supply chain processes, resulting in enhanced efficiency.

Data Security and Compliance

A Government Agency faced challenges in maintaining data security and compliance. Cloud enablement offered robust encryption, secure data storage, and automated compliance checks, ensuring airtight security and meeting regulatory standards.

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Regional Expansion with Significant Cost Savings

A financial institution aimed to reduce IT infrastructure costs. Cloud transformation allowed them to transition from on-premises servers to scalable cloud solutions, significantly lowering expenses while maintaining performance and security. Furthermore, the transformation provided the infrastructure needed to support new user bases, ensuring smooth application access, data storage, and scalability across regions.


Innovation and Accelerated Product Development

A telecommunications company migrated to 5G microservices architecture. DevOps methodologies facilitated the deployment and management of microservices, enabling improved agility, easier maintenance, and enhanced application performance. This resulted in faster innovation, efficient problem-solving, and accelerated product development.

Why us?

Accelacloud can help streamline the cloud adoption process by providing end-to-end support that helps you manage costs and risks and enable transformation.

We champion your digital transformation by helping your organisation realise improved business performance, increased time to market, and delivering on your business needs.

We are focused on meeting your business needs, creative and critical thinkers, who challenge convention by helping you imagine the art of the possible.

We offer expertise in all major cloud platforms. Notably, our consultants are accredited AWS, Azure, VMWare and Nutanix with extensive experience.

Envision how your business can benefit from the cloud. Get cloud ready.

Explore cloud capabilities and test ROI with an initial workload. Explore Cloud capabilities.

Engage cloud services to transform your business. Achieve business outcomes.

Expand workloads across business units. Extend value through scalability.

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