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Hybrid IT Drives Agility

Empowers your business to operate in hybrid topology and deliver key outcomes that enable efficiency, agility and security.

Businesses feel challenged to deliver traditional business applications while at the same time standing up new applications such as mobile and cloud native apps that drive revenue. These apps challenge IT to maintain a digital enterprise in a digital economy alongside traditional applications. However, maintaining two different sets of infrastructures, one designed for traditional apps and another designed for cloud native apps, increases costs and complexity. This approach is not sustainable. The solution is to pull together with a single platform that provides the agility of an on-premise cloud infrastructure. The ability to respond to and excel amidst change is key to long-term viability.

Our Hybrid IT Portfolio of solutions and services enables organisations to meet this challenge and deliver business outcomes.

Our Transformation Phases

Consolidate & Modernise

Virtualise & Cloud Enablement

Establish Hybrid IT Model

Automate and Optimise

Our Portfolio

Cloud Enablement

Our team bring together the people, processes and technology solutions necessary to determine the right cloud strategy for your organisation, develop a plan and realize your vision with a secure network and IT infrastructure and optimised cloud solution.

Technology Advisory

Accelacloud Services help you access where you are today, help you map your IT requirements to an optimal platforms that deliver speed and flexibility. We help you navigate your transformational journey to drive better utilisation and simplify and reduce your IT footprint.

Modernised Datacentre

To reach the speed and efficiency that modern business demands, IT organisations require datacentres that are virtualised, software defined and automated. Find out how you can deliver the agility your organisation needs and chart the course to modernise your datacentres.

Data Protection

As organisations deploy business-critical applications into an already complex hybrid environment, how do your manage and protect the data? Our consultants help transform and deploy Data Backups, Archive and Disaster Recovery based on business regulation.

Why us?


We focus on what is important and are committed to delivering business orientated solutions that generate measurable business results.


We have in-depth insight into innovation. We help by providing value-added services regardless of where you are at on your digital journey.


Let our consultant help you create a Cloud Migration strategy, aligned to your business, to drive innovation and deliver improved business results.


The need for security and risk mitigation is integrated into everything we do.

Envision how your business can benefit from the cloud. Get cloud ready.

Explore cloud capabilities and test ROI with an initial workload. Explore Cloud capabilities.

Engage cloud services to transform your business. Achieve business outcomes.

Expand workloads across business units. Extend value through scalability.

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