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Digital Transformation initiatives can improve the experiences of both customers and users while delivering numerous business benefits as well. It has made it imperative for application leaders to find effective ways to modernise legacy systems. The biggest challenge? Knowing the risk-to-reward ratio before acting. It is to understand whether to maintain the business in an existing environment or migrating to an improved environment. APPLICATIONS ages and their value drops as business requirements evolve to the digital age. Your application portfolio of any enterprise represents a significant historical investment and provides an essential foundation for current and future business capabilities. This investment requires continual optimisation in order to maintain alignment to business needs, manage costs, improve services and deliver appropriate value.

At Accelacloud, we redefine possibilities and shapes destinies; we are your gateway to unlocking the full potential of your business and empower your business to not just keep pace but surge ahead.

Accelacloud can help your business in taking the right path in Transformation.


The percentage of business leaders who are considering large-scale changes as part of their digital transformation efforts, as opposed to tuning up existing infrastructure or creating a single new application.


The percentage of companies undertaking full-scale transformations that rate their efforts as “highly successful”.


The percentage of companies that report an increase in profitability from their digital transformation initiatives.


The percentage of companies that report an increase in customer satisfaction from their digital transformation initiatives.

Source: Hinge Research Institute, “The State of Digital Transformation,” 2022


Digital Strategy

Execute on a defined roadmap to deliver planned modernisations, transformation and digital architecture blueprints at scale with proven methods.

Application Assessment & Planning

Discover and assess the application portfolio, develop the app renewal business case, rationalise the portfolio, define architecture & create roadmap.

Application Modernisation

Innovate and modernise your organisations existing legacy application footprint in the areas of functionality, interface, language, network, cost, performance, sustainability and maintainability.

Application Architecture Advisory

Define vision for application and technology along with business capabilities and align value realisation goals to business objectives and results.

Why us?

Accelacloud can help streamline the cloud adoption process by providing end-to-end support that helps you manage costs and risks and enable transformation.

We champion your digital transformation by helping your organisation realise improved business performance, increased time to market, and delivering on your business needs.

We are focused on meeting your business needs, creative and critical thinkers, who challenge convention by helping you imagine the art of the possible.

We offer expertise in all major cloud platforms. Notably, our consultants are accredited AWS, Azure, VMWare and Nutanix with extensive experience.

Envision how your business can benefit from the cloud. Get cloud ready.

Explore cloud capabilities and test ROI with an initial workload. Explore Cloud capabilities.

Engage cloud services to transform your business. Achieve business outcomes.

Expand workloads across business units. Extend value through scalability.