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Protect The Data You Thrive On

Data is the lifeblood of today’s digital business.

As businesses embark on digital transformation and leverage sensitive data to improve or create new services, they must also be accountable for governing and protecting this data.

Accelacloud services can help safeguard your sensitive information against unplanned downtime / catastrophic disaster, security threats, assist with meeting compliance mandates, mitigate risk and/or safely rollout innovative digital initiatives. Our combine Data Protection Practice, partnered with Veeam, we offer consulting services and deliver infrastructure that optimise resources to protect data.

Talk to us, our Data Protection Specialist to safeguard your business from data loss to unplanned disaster whether it be selection the right platform or design and deployment services.


Data Protection Advisory Services

Accelacloud Services focuses on your unique data protection and privacy needs and provides independent, vendor-neutral guidance and solutions. Our Consulting Services covers data protection and privacy strategy, governance and compliance, design and implementation of data protection and privacy solutions.

Veeam Deployment Services

Accelacloud bring expertise to your organisation and advise on the right strategy, design the right solutions tailored to the your business needs. Our Veeam Deployment Services is designed to expedite deployment and integration process. We leverage industry best practices to ensure your Veeam solution is optimal and achieve faster time-to-value.

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