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As the digital economy continues to accelerate, modernising datacentres is essential to keep up with the rapidly evolving technological landscape and meet the increasing demands of businesses and customers.

Businesses need to respond quickly to demands by building new services with technology to stay competitive. To reach the speed and efficiency that modern business demands, IT organisations require datacentres that are virtualised, move away from expensive purpose-built hardware to software-defined model and run workloads in the public cloud, while keeping most workloads on premises. This means enterprises need an ideal Hybrid model that supports both traditional and a new breed of cloud-native applications. Therefore businesses are embracing a journey to digital transformation which in turn means a more decentralised approach to address digital business infrastructure requirements.

Speak to Accelacloud Services can help you achieve operational efficiency and harness the full potential of their IT infrastructure for sustainable growth in the digital era.

Our Datacentre Modernisation Framework

Become more Agile. The first step towards Digital is to modernise core infrastructure components on which IT is built on.

A modern datacentre leverages the power and efficiency of virtualisation across compute, storage and networking with common management across all three.

Accelerates the delivery of IT services through automation providing agility and flexibility while enabling IT teams to maintain frictionless governance and control.

Self service capabilities, support management and continuous improvement programs to better SLAs.

Innovation phase bring a world of possibilities. Speedy introduction of new services and products translate savings and an efficient customer service.


Datacentre Consulting and Optimisation

Our consultants provide strategic guidance on optimizing your datacentre operations, identifying areas for improvement, and recommending technologies and practices to enhance performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Cloud Migration and Hybrid Solutions

We assist in migrating your datacentre services to the cloud, adopting a hybrid cloud approach that combines the benefits of both on-premises and cloud infrastructure.

Datacentre Infrastructure Design and Deployment

We provide comprehensive solutions for designing and deploying datacentre infrastructure, including server racks, cooling systems, power distribution, networking, and storage.

Server Virtualisation and Consolidation

We help optimize your datacentre’s efficiency and reduce costs through server virtualization and consolidation techniques, enabling you to run multiple virtual machines on fewer physical servers.

Datacentre Management and Monitoring

Our team offers proactive monitoring and management services to ensure the smooth operation of your datacentre, including real-time performance monitoring, capacity planning, and incident response.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

We design and implement disaster recovery strategies to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity in the event of a datacentre outage or other catastrophic events.

Use Case

Empowering Healthcare with Innovation

Health technology innovator in healthcare technology pioneer, recognised the need for innovation to optimise patient care. They transitioned to a Modernised Datacentre Software-Defined Datacentre (SDDC) to enhance their medical services. SDDC’s abstraction of hardware layers enabled rapid deployment of virtualised environments for medical research and diagnostics. The dynamic allocation of resources ensured critical applications received the needed processing power in real time. This empowered the company to develop groundbreaking medical solutions faster and collaborate seamlessly across research teams. SDDC became the backbone of their innovation journey, propelling advancements in patient treatment and medical breakthroughs.

Government Agency Achieves Unparalleled Performance

Queensland Government department, embarked on a journey to modernise their datacentre infrastructure providing hosting to multiple agency . By integrating advanced virtualisation and hyperconverged technologies, the department achieved unparalleled performance and scalability. The modernised datacentre enabled lightning processing and seamless scalability during periods, resulting in satisfied customers and significant operational improvements.

Manufacturing Plant Bounces Back

A Manufacturer faced a production halt due to a fire incident at their facility. Using VMWare Site Recovery, their datacentre’s disaster recovery plan swung into action, orchestrating swift data restoration and application recovery. The organisation resumed production seamlessly, showcasing the power of a modernised infrastructure in business continuity.


Why us?

Accelacloud can help streamline the cloud adoption process by providing end-to-end support that helps you manage costs and risks and enable transformation.

We champion your digital transformation by helping your organisation realise improved business performance, increased time to market, and delivering on your business needs.

We are focused on meeting your business needs, creative and critical thinkers, who challenge convention by helping you imagine the art of the possible.

We offer expertise in all major cloud platforms. Notably, our consultants are accredited AWS, Azure, VMWare and Nutanix with extensive experience.

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