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Provide our customers with best in class innovative technological solution optimised and enable driven business outcomes while maintaining a the highest level customer experience.

What we are about

Accelacloud understand all business needs are unique and business requirements evolve in an ever changing digital landscape. The challenge lies in determining whether to remain status quo is more burdensome or transform is the right choice. Substantial historical investment serves as a foundational element for current and future business capabilities. This investment requires continual optimisation in order to maintain alignment to business needs, manage costs, improve services and deliver appropriate value. Therefore, it is imperative to modernise and transition as part of the Cloud Transformation journey.

Our services provide a low-risk, cost-effective path to leveraging cloud (public/private) platforms. We simplify the process of reimaging, rebuilding, re-hosting and delivering apps on the cloud quicker, easier and more effective. We covers a vast spectrum of cloud solutions, including infrastructure services, cloud management, Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Digital Workplace. With the availability of public cloud, private cloud, managed services, and network connectivity from a single provider, Accelacloud can provide enterprises with an end-to-end managed Hybrid IT solution.

Accelacloud is a leading IT Consulting and Solutions provider helping business with their digital transformation journey at various stages of the maturity curve. We have a diverse group of technical architects, engineers, consultants, and support professionals dedicated to help customers ambition and realise the full potential through technological innovation. We use our expertise across a broad IT portfolio — along with our extensive network of partners and technical communities to serve the needs your needs.

We offer greater agility for businesses’ across a broad range of workloads, from mission-critical business applications to application development and testing. It also offers security solutions to ensure compliance.

Our Hybrid IT Portfolio of solutions and services enables organisations to meet this challenge and deliver business outcomes.

Cloud Enablement Services

Streamline your business with Cloud Enablement Services. Unlock the full potential of cloud technology, enhance scalability, security and flexibility to drive innovation and maximize productivity in your organisation


Unlock your business potential with our experts to help with strategic insights, innovative solutions and personalised guidance to optimise your operations and maximise growth. Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions to stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Managed Services

Drive business growth and efficiency with our comprehensive managed services. Our expert team ensures your IT infrastructure is secure, reliable, and optimised for performance. Experience proactive support, cost savings and peace of mind while focusing on your core business objectives.

Platform Implementation Services

Accelacloud Services help you access where you are today, help you map requirements to an optimal platform that deliver speed and flexibility. We help you navigate your transformational journey to drive better utilisation, simplify and reduce your IT footprint.

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