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Driving Efficiency and Cost Savings: The Benefits of Cloud Transformation for Legacy Applications

In today’s business environment, it is vital to know when to adopt new technology and when to keep current applications in place. The challenge lies in determining whether the current environment is more burdensome or if migrating to an improved one is the right choice. Your enterprise’s application portfolio represents a substantial historical investment and serves as a foundational element for current and future business capabilities. This investment requires continual optimisation in order to maintain alignment to business needs, manage costs, improve services and deliver appropriate value.

As business requirements evolve in the digital age, applications age, and their value diminishes. Therefore, it is imperative to modernise and transition legacy applications to the cloud as part of the Cloud Transformation journey. Our modernisation and migration services provide a low-risk, cost-effective path to leveraging cloud platforms for legacy applications. We simplify the process of reimaging, rebuilding, re-hosting and delivering apps on the cloud quicker, easier and more effective.

Accelacloud can help your business in taking the right path in modernisation.


Azure Adoption Implementation

Begin Your Cloud Migration Journey with Accelacloud’s Azure Adoption Implementation. This service is a comprehensive set of security, governance and cost management solutions for Azure. The assessment ensure the migration into a secure Azure environment with robust governance and cost optimised.

Cloud Suitability Assessment

Cloud Suitability Assessment helps you understand architecture approach, best deployment model for 10 applications and prioritise migration to the cloud.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration Service is ideal for getting your organisation started with hybrid cloud. Our experts help with solution design, migration and configuration of hybrid use cases, as well as provide testing support, knowledge transfer and implementation project management.

A cloud migration can give organisations greater cost and operational control. Beyond moving from a CAPEX to OPEX model, cloud offers the flexibility to turn resources up or down based on business demand and the need to control costs. Yet, simply lifting and shifting applications to the cloud doesn’t guarantee these advantages. To maximize cloud benefits, application modernisation may be needed.

Why us?

Accelacloud can help streamline the cloud adoption process by providing end-to-end support that helps you manage costs and risks and enable transformation.

We champion your digital transformation by helping your organisation realise improved business performance, increased time to market, and delivering on your business needs.

We are focused on meeting your business needs, creative and critical thinkers, who challenge convention by helping you imagine the art of the possible.

We offer expertise in all major cloud platforms. Notably, our consultants are accredited AWS, Azure, VMWare and Nutanix with extensive experience.

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